First 15K Road Race (Read 721 times)

    I finished the Frostbite 15K Road Race in Raynham, MA yesterday. My goal was 1:25 and I finished in 1:21:48 so I'm pretty proud of myself. This was only my second road race and I do most of my running work on a treadmill, but I feel like I did pretty well for myself. It was a blast and I can't wait to do a couple more. -John

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      Awesome! Congrats on smashing your goal!

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        That's fantastic. Well done you! That's a pretty impressive pace over 15K too and it's always nice to read positve experiences of races - I have my first in 4 days! Claire xxxx
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          That's awesome...you didn't just barely beat your goal, either! WTG!!! Big grin k

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            Thanks! Claire, I was never into running races until I did my first a little over a month ago and now I've got the bug. I'm still hurtin' today, but it's all good.

            Falling is easy, it's getting back up that becomes the problem ~Staind

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              Congratulations!! Excellent job on surpassing your goal. robin


                Nice race! Big grin
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                  Great! You will be coming back for more! bas

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