Sharing workouts with others via pw option, does not retain original url, should have autoredirect following auth (Read 397 times)


    Sometimes I want to share a particular workout with a friend, so I paste him the url to that  log as well as the pw to view it:





    at this point, my friend will be prompted for the pw, and he will enter the pw i gave him accordingly. the site then authenticates and redirects him to my summary page and NOT the original url i pasted to him.


    this means they would need to go back and reenter that url (he is now authenticated), or must look through all the workouts for the particualar one im interested in showing them.


    can you cache that information, so following authentication, it will automatically redirect back to the original url?



      You're right.  You should be redirected back to the original url after entering the password.  I'll add this to my todo list.


      eric :-)

        This is fixed.  It will be available in the next update.