Running a Sub 4 Minute Mile: Help and Advice Needed (Read 257 times)

    If you can get to 4:40 shape, I know a hill that you might be able to go sub 4 Eugene


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      Not sure if someone addressed this ... but I usually count on about a 3 - 4 % improvement in speed from where I train/live (at 5,300 feet) to sea level, which equates to around 15 seconds per mile.


      Hope the training's going well -- would be interested to hear how week 2 is going.


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        Hi everyone! Thought I would give an update. Things have not been going very well. Shortly after I started in January I gave up quickly. I had transferred to a new university and the Corona virus pandemic really made it difficult to go out and exercise. During the summer I realized I had not made any progress and gained about 30 pounds, so I started running a 5k every day. About a week and a half in, my right leg got really messed up and would start locking up while running. So I have taken a long break and once again trying to start running consistently. I am going very conservative this time so hopefully I will be able to ease my way in a bit more. My goal now is to get to my level of fitness a couple years ago which was 5 miles a day (35 mpw) and then go from there.

          thanks for the update. keep on keeping on!

          55-59 age group  -  University of Oregon alumni  -  Irreverent and Annoying