First outdoor ride. Ahhhhhhh... (Read 928 times)

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    Oh how pitiful riding on the trainer is compared to the joy of air rushing through helmet straps, the whir of the tires on asphalt, the squeak of my shoe on the pedal spindle (I should probably trim that), and a reward for the effort. Even on my Penance Bike (Frank the Hybrid - I don't let myself ride the uberbike until I'm under 240 lbs) it's glorious, and the fact that today I could do it in shorts and short-sleeve jersey was icing on the cake. Now, when I put Ruby on the pavement (5 lbs. to go), oh MAMA will that be fun! An 18 lb. bike with laser-straight wheels and 120 psi tires compared to a 30 lb. clunker with wobbly wheels and fat, low-pressure tires? Drop bars instead of mountain bike riser bars? Road bike gearing? It's like cheatin' on my wife! did

      ooh I know exactly what you are feeling! I got new KEO pedals and Specialized triathlon bike shoes today and installed my new Polar CS200cad.....iit feels like a whole new bike! Smile
        I like having a trainer, but good lord is it boring. It serves its purpose, but nothing compares to having real wind blowing over you, the sound of changing gears and of course the scenery. I'll disagree with you on choice of bars and tires as there's nothing better than the grind of knobbies on gravel, dirt, roots and rocks as you are flying through twisty singletrack with the occasional twig hitting your helmet. Mud in your gears is a good thing Big grin
          I'm keeping the bike on the trainer for 1 more week.... once my Cannondale comes up from the basement, he's staying up, so I want to be sure spring is really here in PA... besides, I have one more dvd to watch. Smile

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            I also went for my first outdoor ride of the year. Felt Great! My wife and I actually turned it into a brick workout (bike/run) because the weather was just so nice. We're going to try for tonight as well, so here's to hoping the weather holds around here...

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              sorta like my trainer but am happy spring has finally sprung here in PA will try cycling in the real world this weekend

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