Where to find a 5K in Boston area (Read 53 times)


    I am looking for a 5K to run this weekend.  I live just north of Boston, and I used to always go to coolrunning.com to find races (though I haven't really raced much in the past 5 years), but since they were taken over by Active when I went in today I struggled to find anything.  there were a lot of virtual races but I just couldn't seem to get the filter right to sort it down to races near me.


    Is there another site people in the Boston area use to find their races?


    Thanks in advance





      I used to coolrunning and that is useless now, ughh.  They pretty much ruined it.  Sorry wish I had an easy answer besides spending hours on race sites or facebook.  For north shore there is northshore racing calendar  http://northshoreroadraceguide.com/race-calendar/

        I agree that coolrunning is a shadow of it's former self but the funny thing is that people keep dumping results there. I've used that to reverse engineer the problem. Since races are often on or near the same weekend I'll look at results from last year and search this year's race.


        I just tried this and right away came up with with a 5K in Peabody Saturday on my first try: Firefighter Rice Memorial 5K


        Another thing I do is check the race timing sites for upcoming races: Northshore Timing, Race Menu, RaceWire etc, etc...


        It's a PITA.

          Here's the link for the New England Runner Calendar.  It seems to be up to date and covers the entire region.

            Merrimack River Trail 10 Miler and Doyle's 5 Miler this weekend. Neither a 5K but excellent races this weekend. I wonder how sloppy Merrimack will be Saturday.

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              I use the NE Runner calendar that was already linked and runningintheusa.com since coolrunning stopped being useful.