ipod headphones for gym? (Read 39 times)

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    Any thoughts about a good pair of headphones for the gym (weight lifting)?  It's noisy in there so I like to wear something that cuts out some of the gym sounds, if possible.  I've just about given up on the in-ear type because I always end up having one of those little rubber tips come off and get lost.  Every. Single. Time.


    My ipod is an old nano that does not have bluetooth so I'm looking for one of the wired types.


    Currently I'm wearing an old pair that worked fine for running but always seems to work a bit loose when doing weights and I have to crank up the volume.  I have tried wearing the ipod buds but for some reason one of them always wants to pop out when I move around too much.

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      I like these Sony headphones.  I can't stand the in-ear ones because they seal off too much sound.  The clips keep them secure on my ears.  And the price sure is right so you don't feel bad if you lose them (or loan them to a little cousin that never returns them forcing you to buy a new pair Wink )


        +1 on those Sony's.  I wore those for years until I converted to the in-ear variety.

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