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    If someone owns a dog, they expect barking. Nature of the beast, literally and figuratively. My dog barking is much less annoying to me than the person who, at 2 a.m., decided to drive up and down the street, repeatedly, while playing hip-hop music so loud, I could hear all the lyrics, the back-up singers, and every little note. This went on for a good 5 minutes, too. Someone running by at 6 a.m. pales in comparison.
    I completely agree. I own a dog. It barks sometimes. If you don't want barking, then you shouldn't get a dog (or get one of those pathetic half-breeds that can't bark... just let out wierd hissing noises... really creepy if you ask me). If you feel sorry for anyone, feel sorry for their neighbors who probably hear that yappy dog all day and all night.. but that's a problem between them, not involving you. What really pisses me off in my neighborhood is the car alarms in the middle of the night... And it's not the kind that come installed in the car by the manufacturer... it's the kind that some genius thinks he can install himself but then it goes off every time the wind blows the wrong direction... and of course, the owners never come out to check on their car (they ignore it) so if it really was being stolen it wouldn't do a bit of good... it's usually that kind that has 3 different alarm sounds that it alternates through... charming. Roll eyes I swear to god, it almost makes me want to go vandelize some of these cars just for the fun of it... Evil grin We also get a lot of drunk people singing, since we live near some bars, but I find that almost "quaint" in a big-city kind of way. My old roommate used to call them "lager-louds", which is apparently something she picked up in the UK?

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      I completely agree. I own a dog. It barks sometimes.
      Your dog is the cutest dog ever! He gets a free pass for barking! Big grin k

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        Your dog is the cutest dog ever! He gets a free pass for barking! Big grin k
        Thanks! I'll drop him off next time he's in one of his "grumpy moods"! hehe. You should hear him go at it when a parade or run/walk goes past my house... or when he sees a horse.. he HATES horses for some reason. Not so cute. Big grin
          I think I have the answer here. Not only soft shoe but incognito too Smile
          I recommend the chicken one!
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            Okay, even though I'm really short (well, not that short, but pretty short), I rowed on the crew team my freshman year of college (if you've never rowed and don't know anything about crew, most rowers are super tall). We used to scare the hell out of people when we woke up at 4 AM and left for practice. I can remember girls on my hall freaking out when they saw us leaving because they hadn't gone to bed yet. Getting back to the original question: I've never once in my life thought that doing some sort of quiet peaceful exercise interupted anyone's life. I used to run at 5 AM and almost never saw anyone else except the paper boys and the garbage men. The few other people I saw who were awake at that time didn't seem to mind.

            Bring it on.