Obama won.. (Read 1496 times)

L Train

    What a weird twist that his son's name is Rand.



      I probably thought this was great because I voted for Obama and consider myself a liberal. But maybe also it's because this is basically why the Republican party turns me off as well. 


      It's political, but I think it's also pretty right about why the R party is struggling right now.


      If you look at the ten counties in the country with highest family income, 70% voted for Obama. Some by a very significant majority.


      All these counties have average family incomes exceeding $90k. The demographics of these counties are heavily slanted toward suburban families.


      The R party doesn't just have an issue with those minorities & women. The educated middle class doesn't like their 2012 platform either.

      The process is the goal.

      Men heap together the mistakes of their lives, and create a monster they call Destiny.


        What a weird twist that his son's name is Rand.


        That is the LEAST weird thing about Rand Paul.


          Cannot forget Robert Rubin's and Larry Summer's contributions.


          Did people not see it coming (even from the get-go)?  From a battlefield perspective, the ones that didn't see it coming believed they were the smartest people to have ever graced the industry and had re-invented the wheel.  The ones who did see it coming were the ones with a lick of common sense.


          Just finished a book by Joe Stiglitz (2001 Nobel Prize in economics, former World Band cheif economist and senior vice-president). It was about the failures of the IMF- he really raked Rubin and Summers over the coals.  He was dealing with inernational issues, but the shortcomings of the Rubin/Summers ideaology had domestic (US) consequences.