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    is it possible to create a training plan with workout interval detail "prepopulated"?  For example, I've done 10x400 intervals in the past and would like to copy the past entry into a future training plan.  This would avoid having to creating 10 intervals with the distance each time I do the interval workout and only have to adjust the time (from the old workout copied forward to the new time, whatever it turns out to be).  hope this makes sense.  thanks

      As far as I know you can't copy it into a future planned workout, but you can copy it into a new completed workout.


      This sort of accomplishes the same thing--if you had an interval workout planned for today, you could go grab an old 10x400 and copy it, change the date to today (which will cause it to complete today's planned workout) and edit the times.

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        That's the only way I've found as well.  The problem I've had is that I set up a training plan and when I copy the old workout, it doesn't "copy into" the new training plan workout.  Not really a problem, just creates a need to go back and edit the training plan to delete the "unused" planned workout or leave the unused traiing plan workout on my calendar (which also isn't really a problem other than I'm anal about a clean calendar!).  thanks for the advice.

          That's interesting--that doesn't happen for me. If I copy an old workout into a day in which I have a planned workout, it defaults to completing that day's workout from the training plan (with the option of saving it as an unplanned workout.)

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            hmmm.  I'll try it again the next interval workout I do.  Maybe I did something wrong.  thanks for the help

              well, I tried what mikeymike suggested and it worked!  Go figure.  Mikeymike - thanks for the help!