non-surgical remedy for claw toes (Read 36 times)


    Wondering if anyone could recommend a non-surgical remedy for claw toes.

    I'm thinking along the lines of a brace of a pad with restraining straps; something that would encourage/force my toes to straighten out over time.

    However, I'm wide open to any suggestions short of surgery.

    I've already gotten larger shoes, but that hasn't helped.

      I have one hammer toe, and wearing Injinji socks helps a lot. There is also a device called 'correct toes" that might help you. You can even wear them running, they claim. If you websearch Correct Toes, a lot of other devices come up, including some similar braces to wear while sleeping.

      Running Without Injuries: Injinji Toe Socks Review

      Correct Toes vs Other Toe SeparatorsCorrect Toes® Single Replacement - Silicone Toe Separator

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        Mine are curled in a lot more than that picture. I think it has gotten worse with age(62) but it doesn’t bother me much. My grandfather actually had the same condition. He had surgery to straighten his toes