How'd you do on your 2009 goals? (Read 1271 times)

    Congrats to those who met/ exceeded their goals.


    For those like me who fell short, let's hope we can pull it together in 2010.


    I trained soooooo hard for Boston and had such a mediocre race.


    I trained lightly for New York and pulled in exactly the same performace.


    I was reintroduced to Maffetone this month.  Reminded me how  I probably was doing too much for too long leading up to Boston.  AHHH!  Who knows?


    I LOVED my 50K trail race - gotta do more.  So nice to get lost in the woods for hours and focus on not killing myself intstead of mile splits!   

    Goals: Marathon: break 3:40 Half marathon: break 1:42 10K: break 45:00 8 K: break 37:30

      The unplanned 50k was the high light of my year. I plan to do another one in 2010.


      I ran the NYC marathon, which was a dream of mine for 34 years. Done


      Run 6 marathons. I ran only four ...reality and LIFE got on the way.


       Run a sub 4...I ran my spring marathon in 4:04...so I guess this goal will have to carry over for next year...


      Run no less than 1800 miles. Done, YTD= 2,034 miles.


      Run injury free...done.


      Mentor one runner...done...my mentee just ran the Seattle HM.


       Celebrate the gift of running every day...done


      Great Thread!!!!

      "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard

        started year with leftover from 08 leg injury so only goal beg of 09 was to run more than 20 mns w/o shooting pains up my calf/legs.  eventually got through & then increased goals as I went along 15mpw-20mpw-30+mpw. 100 mpm & then 1000 for yr (at 1050).  wanted to just have fun, be consistent, injury free, & slowly improve times in race & place in ag.  Accomplished!!  beat 08 5k by nearly 5 mns  26:24-21:53  lowered 8k time by 3 1/2 mns.  placed in ag 2x, just missed 2 other times by 15s. Ran first trail race (7 mile) & plan on more in 09.  Will continue similar training increases in 09 which will lead to more miles/more  (over 50) pr's.
          Finished the year in okay fashion.  I had only one real goal this year and I did not find fulfillment.  I only made it 60 or so miles in a100 mile race.  I then took some time off and relaxed from running as much as I did in 2008.  I finished the yeawith a short 1190 or so miles and am now battling MRSA so I am going to have a slow start to 2010.  I am registered for Tokyo Marathon but may forego it due to lack of conditoning.  I may also just go and jog it and say I did it.  I will have to way the risk of injury from under training but w will see.

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            After increasing my mileage to minimum 100 miles per month last year, I was hoping to smash some PRs in 2009.  Started a half-marathon clinic to prepare for a spring half.  Discovered in April after sucking terribly at my first 2 races that I was severely anemic.  Put my half-marathon on hold to the fall and restocked my iron stores. 


            Ran and PR'd a 15k by 8 minutes, finished my first half within the goal time then shave 8 minutes off with my second one. 


            Hit 2009 km in 2009 early on and will miss a secondary goal of 1500 miles by a hair. 


            All in all a good year!

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              I had two goals for the year. The first was to run 2000 miles. I will end up at about 1810. My second goal was to finally qualify for Boston. I hit 55 this year so my new qualifying time was definitely doable. I ended up qualifying at the Medtronic Twin Cities marathon in October on a perfect day with a pr time of 3:36. My goals for next year include running a sub 3:35 marathon and running five marathons. I would also like to try running two marathons one week apart. We'll see.

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                Well, I ran 3 marathons, including one that was just idiotic.


                You monkeyed in your first marathon year? Congratulations, you idiot, and I mean that in the best way.

                It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.

                  I personally didn't have any specific goals but I definitely am proud of myself for how far I've come in 10 months. I definitely got back to where I was before my injury and then some.. so I'm really happy with the year and next year I'm going to have some lenient, fun goals for smaller races that I haven't even tried yet unfortunately.
                    I joined the 2000K Pace Bunny group for 2009 and will achieve that goal. It was challenging, but the Bunny is verrry motivating. I will definitely be signing up for that goal again in 2010.  Also for 2010, I want to increase my average running speed and run a HM.

                    Go as long as you can, and then take another step.


                      I found the joy in running - 2009 goal fully met


                      In addition, I had set a goal for running 621 miles (1000 km) and achieved it. I am currently at 640 miles.


                        2009 goals were:


                        - 1500 miles (got 10.3 to go).

                        - 2000 bike miles (surpassed that)

                        - sub 20 5k (19:23 back in Sept)


                        2010 goals

                        - run 1500 miles

                        - bike 5000 miles

                        - swim 250 miles

                        - sub 18:36 5k

                        - sub 1:30 1/2 marathon

                        - sub 40:00 10k

                        - sub 2:15 at Cranberry Country Triathlon; http://www.cranberrycountrytri.com


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