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    Wow! I just bought a pair of the new model of the Mizuno Wave Elixer at a running store this week. Ever since I've been worrying that I won't like them as well as last year's style. So I got online to see if I could buy a pair of the 2006 model. Most places still had them for $90. Our local running store had them for $84. I found them on sale at dickssportinggoods.com for $59.97. Cool. Better yet, free shipping. Even better, I got a $10 Dick's Sporting Goods Rewards Certificate in the mail today. Smile And as if that wasn't enough, when I logged on to buy them, they took an additional 20% off! Big grin I got my favorite $90 pair of shoes for a total cash outlay of $ 37.98. Woohoo! Smile Teresa

    Misinformation Officer

      Thanks for the tip! With coupons and Google checkout (extra $10 off) I got my Asics gt 2110s for under $40 just now!!! Woohoo!!!
        I got a pair of Asics GT-2110 for $34.98 shipped free from Sports Authority. You really need to keep looking for those various coupons. Their shipping is a bit slow....I ordered the shoes just over 2 weeks ago and I'll be getting them on Tuesday, but I'm in no hurry. If anyone is interested, a good site to keep checking for these deals is www.sickdeals.net. I check there at least once a day.


        Misinformation Officer

          yeah--sp.auth didn't have my size--it's a plot against women--lol

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            *whispers* I think Dicks and Sports Authority are actually the same company, at least in terms of their online presence. Smile k

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