10,000 miles logged into RA (Read 834 times)

Was it all a dream?

    Great work! I'm hoping to join you at that milestone soon.
      Thanks again everyone Schneidr - I am honored. Great thing about this sport. Guys like me communicating with folks like you - much appreciated. John A: to get a monthly graph I think you need to change your log preference. Click Options on top right of any page. Select the "My Log Preferences" link then check "Set advanced graphing as default." That will give you lots of graphing options.
        What else can be said but ... "AWESOME"

        "The drops of rain make a hole in the stone, not by violence, but by oft falling." - Lucretius

        Hey, nice marmot!

          Damn, that's hardcore! <proclaimers> An I would rin fyve thousin myles, An I would rin fyve thousin more Jus to be tha min who rin tin thousin myles To fall down at yer do'. Da da da doh Da da do doh Da da da da da da da da ruh. </proclaimers> Sh!t though, ten thousand. I just cracked one thousand not long ago. I may have a new objective now. Damn.



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