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    anyone use them, oxy, cep...good, bad, ugly....TY

      I use CEP compression sleeves for recovery when my calves are sore. They seem to help. I don't usually wear them while running, but have once or twice when I thought a little extra support might help and it was too hot for full compression tights. I doubt I'd ever go for the full sock--my toes do not like to be compressed.


        I use them too. They're Under Armour. I don't know that they're officially, actually compression socks. I actually think they're baseball socks. But they do fit rather snugly, and obviously serve the same purpose. Pretty sure UA no longer makes them as I can't find them anymore -- which is too bad considering I bought three pairs ages ago for less than $10 a pair. Quite a bargain compared to what they cost now. I'm wearing them in my avatar.


        Anyway, I use them typically after long runs, to help with recovery. They feel like they work. I also use them when I'm running tired -- e.g. didn't sleep much the night before -- or if it'll be a particularly strenuous race/run.

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          I find they're good for is wearing on long flights. Other than that, they don't do much for me.

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              I have a pair that I only worn the right sleeve (thought it would help with an injury).  Since then, they've been dust collectors.  I was about to give them away, but after reading about the long run recovery, I think I'll wear them to compliment the ice bath that I usually take.


                I recently got a pair and I worn them overnight a few times. My calves do seem to feel better in the mornings. However, I stopped wearing them because they caused my legs to itch like crazy (not a rash, but the top of the socks made "imprints" on the skin and made it bumpy and itchy like a designer-pattern-mosquitoe-bite)

                  I have a pair of ASICS compression socks that I got for an AG win.  I can't tell whether they do what they claim or not.

                  I do like to wear them on cold mornings as they keep my legs a little warmer than otherwise.  I've raced in them once in a coldish race (Houston half marathon 2012) and they felt good the whole race.

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                    I have the Zensah calf sleeves. I wear them both during and after running.




                      I have the 2XU and CEP compression sleeves. I don't like the socks because I like my running socks better. The CEP provides very good compression.  It definitely helped coming back from a calf strain.  I wear them during long runs and for recovery

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                        I have the Zensah calf sleeves. I wear them both during and after running.


                        Not until the temperatures get below about 40 and then for recovery, long runs and speed work. Started wearing them after a calf strain.

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                          I started wearing CEP compression socks during all my marathons and ultramarathons a few months ago.  It makes a difference for me during the final miles of a long race, as far as blood flow in the Achilles area and ankles.  This is a good thing if I slightly roll an ankle during a trail race.