Pescetarian recipes (Read 580 times)


    Anybody have any good dairyfree seafood dishes they like?


      This Pan-Seared Tuna with Avocado, Soy, Ginger, and Lime recipe is good.  I made it for a party a few years ago and now my friends pretty much insist I make it whenever I ask if I can bring something.  Smile  I break up the tuna into bite sized chunks and serve it with quartered tortilla so people can make mini tacos out of it.

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      My blog is JT Running DC.  It's awesome.


        Julia, I can see why that's so popular. Thanx!

          This is pretty awesome.


          I also like to just bake fresh fillets slathered in honey and almonds.  I started with trout, then moved on to cod and now usually tarakihi.  It pretty much works with any mild-flavoured fish.


          MTA: Oops, sorry, just realized the linked recipe uses butter and sour cream... the butter can be easily substituted, and the sour cream is just for a side.  I suppose if you really wanted you could make a lemon-silken tofu cream.

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            Today I made honey-chipotle salmon fillets with mango salsa, fermented rice and broccoli.  I made a marinade out of lime juice, honey, olive oil, chipotle powder, and garlic and lime zest ground into a pulp with some salt, then added a dash of liquid aminos.  I marinated the 2 salmon fillets for 30 minutes while the rice started cooking in the rice cooker.  Heated some oil in a skillet, seared the fillets, skin side down for a couple minutes, then transferred to the nuwave for 5 minutes, also skin side down.  Topped it with a little sea salt at the end and served with mango salsa.  It came out really good!


              Wow! Now I'm hungry!  Big grin Thanks all! Rainbow-ever use trout?  Wink


                Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.

                  Wow! Now I'm hungry!  Big grin Thanks all! Rainbow-ever use trout?  Wink


                  No, I just made up the recipe!  I was looking to see what fish was available/on sale and so it was salmon.  There is a fish, maybe a kind of trout that I used to find at another grocery store, but it was pink like salmon.  Anyone know what the name is?  I do like trout, HB prefers catfish.

                    I also like to make panko-crusted salmon.  Again, salmon is what is usually on sale at my store, and it is delicious.  You can vary the herbs used, depending on your tastes.  Some good ones are:  dill, lemon pepper, herbs de provence, italian blend, savory blend.


                    Dijon mustard

                    olive oil, veg. oil or coconut oil--I choose the oil depending on the herbs, flavor wanted

                    salmon fillet, skin on





                    Cut the skin of the salmon and salt well, rubbing into the cuts.

                    In a small pan, heat some oil and toast the panko and herbs with a little salt, set aside

                    Rub the flesh of the salmon liberally with dijon mustard, then press into the toasted,seasoned panko

                    Heat oil in a large skillet, place salmon skin-side down for 2-3 min. then transfer to nuwave for about 5 min.


                    I like to serve this with stir-fry coleslaw or broccoli slaw, and jasmine or fermented rice.

                    For anyone who is ok with dairy and eggs, the recipe is delicious with mayo instead of dijon (or a combination) and a little parmesan in the panko, and toast the panko in butterSmile

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                      I'm confused.


                      What is the difference between a "pescetarian recipe" and just "fish recipe" or "seafood recipe"?

                        I think the difference would be that it would not contain any other meat.  Other seafood recipes may call for bacon or chicken stock, etc.

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                          Pescetarians aren't marbled enough. Too chewy.


                            Never heard of a 'Pescetarian' diet.  I learned something from this thread.


                            Pescetarianism (<small>pron.:</small> /ˌpɛskɨˈtɛəriən/) (also spelled pescatarianism) is the practice of a diet that includes seafood but not the flesh of other animals. A pescetarian diet shares many of its components with a vegetarian diet and includes vegetables, fruit, nuts, grains, beans, eggs, and dairy, but unlike a vegetarian diet also includes fish and shellfish. The Merriam-Webster dictionary dates the origin of the term "pescetarian" to 1993 and defines it to mean: "one whose diet includes fish but no other meat".[1]


                            MTA:  Sorry about all those hyperlinks ...


                              This person is interesting in that she identifies as a "vegan who eats fish".  Which is, I guess... well if vegetarian relates to pescetarian, vegan must be like pescan.  Or pecan.


                              Anyway, I'd rather be a pescetarian who avoids moo juice than a piscopotarian who avoids the juice.



                                I'd rather be an Episcopalian than a pescetarian.


                                I should eat more fish, though.