Hives after running (Read 689 times)


      A couple of weeks ago I ran indoors at the local 'Y' (they have a sixteen lap per mile track surrounding the weight/ellipticals room). Since the 'Y' is only about two miles from my house I went ahead and drove home to take my shower. By the time I got home the backs of my thighs were itching, so I asked my son if it looked like I had some bug bites back there. The next thing I heard was "Oh my God - MOM, come look at dad's butt."


      By the time all was said and done, I had major hives up the backs of my thighs and around the front near my crotch, and minor hives around the edges of my armpits and my neck. They were essentially anywhere that sweat might accumulate that was not covered by my running wear, and they went away fairly quickly once I showered. This behavior, coupled with the fact that the 'Y' is undergoing major remodeling, made me suspect an environmental cause (something in the air at the 'Y'), and I've stayed away from the 'Y' since.


      Two days ago I ran around one of our local lakes. Shortly after I got home, the hives appeared again. This time they were much less severe, and they went away on their own after about half-an-hour.


      In neither case did I experience any other symptoms of an allergic reaction. These are also the first instances ever where I've experienced anything like this.


      Looking at the web, I think this is "cholinergic urticaria", which basically means I'm allergic to exercise.


      Anyone experience anything similar? Anyone have any comments or suggestions?

    Richard D



      Know a lot about it.


      Only ever get it after running 26.2, but that's 36 times I've got it i.e. when the body is run down after a major effort.


      You watch - you'll get a cold next!


      Not much I can do about it, other than give up 26.2's.


      Good luck with yours.


        I get hives from my sweat whenever I was sitting around on leather sofa or something that doesn't wick (hives on back of thighs). I have not had it when I exercised. Maybe keeping yourself dry will help?

          Do you use a lot of lotion and/or sunscreen? You may be clogging your sweat pores, which produces a type of itchy rash: