New ideas on sitting, exercises and stretching on NPR (Read 401 times)

    Fresh Air did an interview with New York Times Phys Ed columnist Gretchen Reynolds on her new book.  Here's the link to interview:



    Some points include:

    - don't do static stretches before the workout

    - stretching probably doesn't reduce injury

    - warm up before the workout

    - stand up regularly

    Interval Junkie --Nobby

      - stretching probably doesn't reduce injury


      It was a good half-hour.  The above was the only thing that was news to me.  She made the ancillary claim that your flexibility can't really be significantly improved.  Having personal experience in martial-arts, I can't say I agree with this.  She did say, that "unless you work on it for months and months", which I guess would qualify when you spend 10 years doing MA.  While I'm flexible (or used to be), I don't think doing a split was just part of my 6'3" genetic code.


      Also, she did call out the wonders of chocolate milk -- though Terry didn't ask the obvious questions, " what about white milk?"


      Even if you knew most of what she was talking about, it was good to hear again.


      Now . . . off to  my Squats.

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