Anyone Do Body Pump Classes? (Read 964 times)

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    I have started to attend the Body Pump classes at my gym since I never do strength training on my own. I was just wondering if anyone else does the class and what they think of it.

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      I've been taking BodyPump classes on and off for about 1.5 years now. I try to hit at least one a week, if not two (depending on whether or not I have race). I went a stretch of a few months without taking a class (and trying to strength train on my own) and when I went back to class, I noticably lost strength. Personally, I love BP! Then again, I tend to like anything that already does the thinking for me, as I'm not one to create my 'own' plans. BP is basically light/medium weights with high reps, which usually suits endurance athletes well. The only weight training that I do outside of BP are push-ups, one-legged squats, and some stability ball work for my core. BP is a very popular class at my gym. Give it a whirl. It's not for everyone, but you may like it as much as I do. Big grin

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        I've done a few classes. The pros for me were that I didn't have to think and it is full body workout with some added resistance. The cons were that the weight was too light and the reps too high for it to properly function as weight training or cardio and I felt like I could get better mileage out of doing some real weight training and running with my time. I was also frustrated by the fact that the speed of some of the reps and the form illustrated for many exercises did not represent full range of motion (i.e. squats done really shallow) and for me that is just a recipe to get hurt. I know lots of people who love the class. It always reminded me of "pink rubber dumbbells"... I'd rather go for some quality time with the real iron.
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