Provide sub-types under "Race" (Read 545 times)

Douglas Hegley

    Similar to tracking equipment - I'd like to see sub-categories for races. For example, in my 33 year long pencil & paper log, I track races by Track, Road, XC, Trail, Road Relay, Time Trial, etc. PRs are possible within each category. This could solve some of the other suggestions/complaints I've seen in the Forum about Personal Records.

      I'd like this too, or to be able to specify which categories should display under Personal Records.

      Do what you want, just how you like. Nobody has to know.

        Maybe even add steeple and hurdle race designations if possible

        Know thyself.


          I would appreciate something like this as well.  Smile

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            Race is already a subtype of activity.  I don't want to add another level of complexity since such a change will affect many other areas of the code.  I have an idea of how to improve the PR page.  I will make the changes when I get the chance.

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