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caballo tonto

    I am new to RunningAHEAD. The first thing I want to do is import historical data. I have used the custom format import, that seems to be working apart from the equipment. Some equipment has not gone in at all, other equipment has two entries. For the hundreds of entries without equipment data, I could go through manually and add the information, but that will take ages, and the workout list doesn't show the equipment, which makes it even more cumbersome. For the double entries of equipment, again in order to consolidate I cannot simply correct the one half, as I don't know which one it is. The entries seem to be identical.


    Either way, it would be so much better if I could remove the historical data and import again, this time with equipment. Two questions:


    1. How easy is it to remove the successfully imported historical data?

    2. Why was the equipment data not imported properly? I would like to know so I can make sure the next time it will be spot on. Yes I know about equipment manufacturer, model and name. But something must be wrong. For example, will new equipment be created, or can I only use equipment that has been previously created by me or others? 


    Thank you for any help.


    PS In an ideal world equipment would be shown in the workout list, and the table could be sorted and filtered by equipment. A graph could be produced that shows usage of equipment over the months or years. Also, it would be possible to select more than one piece of equipment. The icing on the cake would be to be able to use a piece of equipment for only part of a workout (race). I have been in events where a good number of runners change from fell to trail shoes mid-race.

      caballo tonto,

      I think the problem is the custom format importer ignores the equipment columns for non-run entries.  I don't think there's anything I can do about that right now.  I can, however, fix it for the next training log release.  What is the original format of your data?  It would be better to delete all imported entries for now, until they can be imported properly.


      As for your other suggestions, most of what you mentioned are already supported.  You can customize the workouts list to add additional columns, and you can generate reports to filter your data.  Sometimes these features are not that obvious and the next version of the training log aims to correct this.


      Feel free to send me a private message should you have any questions or want additional ideas on how to import your data.


      eric Smile

      caballo tonto

        Awesome! I will get the file to you for validation. Maybe I can undo the import, create the new equipment (or has it been created by the import?) and try again.


        Thank you for the helpful reply. RunningAhead is the way to go for me.