hip pain and the World Cup (Read 100 times)

    I guess the pain couldn't have come at a better time? (maybe Friday) On my Sunday run I noticed my left way upper thigh felt tight. I chalked it up to a lack of sleep the night before (stupid neighbor's dog) and continued as usual. Felt fine for the run, but about an hour later the pain started. It hurt to put any pressure on it, and standing up hurt a bit. I'm taking a break for this week, and luckily the World cup starts soon. Here in Taiwan, most matches will be on when I usually run in the morning.

    My question is, how long after it feels right should I wait to start running again? I know I should see a doctor about it, as hip pain there is never a good thing. However, I've had TERRIBLE luck with getting running injuries diagnosed and treated here in Taiwan. So, unless it's a sharp pain that I can't walk through, I'm on my own. Any anecdotes or guesses are appreciated.


    GO U.S. - we're in a terrible group and will probably get knocked out right away, so go whoever can stop Spain!

       It hurt to put any pressure on it,


      That could be the key phrase.  If it still hurts a few of days of rest, I'd go ahead and schedule an doctors appointment, preferably a sports doc or an ortho. Most runners/athletes will have some pain or other, and the art is in figuring out if it's benign growing pains as you get stronger, or something more serious needing medical attention.  Diffuse pain that goes away with rest or you don't feel it during the run after getting warm is different than sharp localized pain that hurts more with pressure or gets progressively worse as you run.

        Sorry it took me so long to say thanks for the advice. My hip is getting better, no sharp pains and it feels fine once I warm it up. Still too sore to run, mostly because I can feel my body compensating for it when I try little jogs at home, so another week off for me.


        A decent match this morning in the world cup. Glad to see both teams going for goals instead of just sitting back. Definitely not as good as running, though