Increasing Speed for 13.1 (Read 606 times)


    Ok, Feeling like my endurance runs are going well - 2 weekend long runs (10 & now 11 miles) 3 weeks before Seattle Rock N Roll Half. But, my PR was 2:00:33 - during a full marathon (3 years ago). I'd love to break that 2 hr mark - now 49 years old.  Ideas for the next 3 weeks training that might help boost speed of the run? Thanks for sharing your ideas and experience.

      I've done well racing in - sub-peak efforts, but enough to work hard. A 5K 3-4 weeks out with a long run around it, and one week out - usually 8 days because of the races it's been when I've done it - a 10K where I run the course easy before the race, then 10K race at half pace, then 5K cool down. That's been when my long runs have been in the 25-30km range for a month or two, and you might need to adjust date and distance for speed and age / recovery speed. If you think at 47 you might need a couple more days recovery, and going for 2 hrs , you might try a 5 mile race/ tempo run 9-10 days before the race with 8-10K easy before and 5-10km easy after.


      After that workout, I basically don't train. All running is just easy running to stay loose, usually with a few strides. I might throw a km or two at race pace in 2-3 days out, but that depends more on schedule and logistics of the week before the race than any plan.

        Viich advice is excellent and generallly my thoughts. I personally like to get my last longer run in about 9-12 days before race and in that run do some quality like last 3 miles at faster pace with maybe last 1/2 mile at race pace. 6-7 days before I like to do some race pace stuff like 3 X 1 mile at race pace or a faster tempo for 3 miles to get a better sense of what race pace will feel like. Mix in a slow mile or two befor and after that. If you are beat up, you probably would want to skip this. The last 7 days like Viich says I won't do any faster stuff other than some striders and last 3-4 days very easy runs and nothing too long. I prefer to run 2-3 very easy miles the day before with last 2 min at race pace and take the day before that off. Running the day before and those last 2 minutes prime the body for race day. I got that tip from Nobby! I like it!

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