Garmin Training Center - No New Activity Shown (Read 372 times)

    Hi guys and gals,


    I have a Garmin FR60, and I really love it.  I've been doing workouts that consist of 400 meter laps run at different paces.  I set the watch to break laps at 0.25 mile, and it works great.


    I have an ANT+ stick and the latest versions of both the ANT Agent and the Garmin Training Center (GTC) software installed on my MacBook Pro.  I insert the stick into a USB port on the machine, and the ANT Agent software uploads the training data from the watch.  If I View Status on the ANT Agent app, it says that the last transfer at (1 minute ago) was successful.


    I run the GTC app, and get a dialog box saying that the Device: FR60 is initializing.  I always get a message that the profile on the watch is different from the profile in the app, and I select to use the profile on the watch/device.  The data transfer begins (the progress bar counts up from 22% complete to 100% complete) and successfully completes.


    Or so it seems.  Usually, I now have a new "Activity" in the Activities pane on the left side of the window, and all is good.


    But sometimes, say every third or fourth day, there's no new activity shown.  It's as if nothing was uploaded, but I know it was.  The ANT Agent says it was, and the watch showed "TRANSFERRING" while the upload was taking place.  I can review the data on the watch, and my laps are all there.


    I've done everything I can think of to get the new workout info transferred to the GTC, but once the initial upload fails (somehow, with no apparent error), it's like it's gone, or was never there.  No matter how many times I retry the upload (both from the Device/Receive From Device menu option, and by exiting and restarting the GTC), the workout info does not appear as a new Activity.


    Anyone else have this problem?

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