Palm/hand case for phone? (Read 38 times)

    Anyone know of a phone case that straps to your hand?


    I just started back running again (took a break after having twins) and today was Day 1 of c25k. I used to running with my iPOD nano in an armband, but I've recently misplaced it.  So this morning I used my phone--I tried out the RunDouble c25k app (awesome BTW!) and streamed Pandora--and it worked out great! Plus, I love that I have my phone on me in case of an emergency. I have a Samsung Droid Charge which is pretty bulky/heavy, so I don't want to wear it in an armband. I'm also not really interested in wearing a belt or strapping it to my waist.


    I held the phone in my hand while running and it felt comfortable carrying it that why; however, my palms got really sweaty by the end of my run--I live in Florida. It would be nice to have a case that protects the phone from moisture (and perhaps a light fall) and has a strap that wraps around your hand to prevent you from having to actually hold it. I carried a single knuckle light in my other hand to help "balance" me--I run at 5am so the light helps.


    Anyone know of such a product?

      Not exactly a case, but Runblogger posted this review of the GoStrap Handheld Smartphone Strap recently.

        Awesome! The article also referenced the HB Tune Hand-Held case which is very close to what I'm look for.






          I use this, which is a handheld water bottle with a spot for your phone.  I love it.