Export course maps to GPX (Read 785 times)

    One quick feature that would be very nice would be a way to export a course map to GPX format. This would also be helpful to have included in the XML backup data.
      I've added it to my list. It could be one of my side projects Smile

      Gotta Flee Em All

        Export as .kml would be great too, for google earth! An example - <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" /> <placemark><visibility>1</visibility><name> </name><description>1/15/07 9:07 AM - 1/15/07 10:02 AM00:55:176.47 mi ...HTML HERE... ]]> </description><style>ff2f2fc33</style><linestring> <coordinates>-86.878447,36.075398,215.1357421875 -86.878463,36.075416,215.1357421875 -86.878474,36.075429,215.1357421875 -86.878678,36.075524,214.8375549316 -86.878859, ...xxx... 217.5090637207 -86.878294,36.075284,216.4334106445 </coordinates></linestring></placemark>
          There may be an XSLT somewhere out on the net that transforms GPX to KML or the other way. If your system supports it, just code one of them up and transform to the other. Darn, XML is slick.

          Gotta Flee Em All

            XML is slick.
            With Eric's help, using RunningAhead map page source and a simple perl script regular expression, I was able to build the following AJAX (javascript + XML) page. It sure is cool stuff to play with! Here is the webpage http://harpethhillsmarathon.com/parkmap/ And here is the supporting XML http://harpethhillsmarathon.com/parkmap/PWlines.xml Trent
              You don't need to translate GPX to KML for Google Earth. Use the File>Open menu item in Google Earth; when the file dialog pops up, switch the "Files of type:" selector (at the bottom of the dialog) to GPS (*.gpx,*.loc) and import away!