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    Hi All, I've gotten into a nice routine at lunch time where I go on a 3 mile run, then swim. I'm working on getting my swimming distance up there, so I'm using a swimming schedule I found that gets you swimming a mile in 6 weeks. Everything is going well, but I'm just wondering if there is any risk in muscle injury from warming my muscles up with running, then jumping into a cool pool. I rest about 20 minutes before swimming, but still, just wondering. Thanks a lot, Mike


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      I like running then swimming, but I like swimming then running even better. I prefer no rest at all in-between.

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        I jump in the pool with no rest. The cool water in the pool helps your muscles recover from the run. The colder the better, see ice baths. If you're having leg cramps on the run you could cramp in the pool. If very tight, I would do walk cooldown (or stretching, massage, rollers) and slow easy swim to relax or loosen the muscles before doing laps. The only time I experience problem is when I start a routine or are increasing miles.
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          I am gradually building up swimming routine and even did a water aerobics class last week, swimming is a great recovery exercise, I should have done it years ago, but I never just got around to it. With all the talk on ice baths and no impact training, I would think that swimming would be a great recovery without any negatives, I am taking a 1/2 year to build up to 50 laps non stop. I can't imagine swimming in a triathlon for 2 miles.

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            I swim after running quite often. I also run after cycling and vice versa. No issues here.

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              Awesome. Just making sure. Thanks a lot for all your responses. -Mike


                I like running then swimming, but I like swimming then running even better. I prefer no rest at all in-between.
                Same here.


                  i think that swimming after running is way better. the more sore and tired your muscles are, the better that water feels!
                    Running then swimming: soothing, feels good. Swimming then running: tough, feels good.