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    ..the rest of my running life? I decided that after 6 weeks of gym I have not made as much progress as I would like in terms of my stamina and weightloss and having been inspired by a couple of weightloss bloggers decided to take to the treadmill. So with a 2minutes walk/ 2 minute run for twenty minutes, covering a distance of 2.78km I feel particularly positive to the point that over lunch with a friend I agreed to run a relay leg of the Belfast Marathon in May..am I mad!? Confused I do need a goal to work towards and have made out a training schedule for the next 4 weeks (following the guidance on the 'raceforlife' website) in preparation for this new adventure. Any tips, advice and guidance most welcome. Wenders
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      Welcome Wenders! I think it's great that you're easing into running. How long is your leg in the Belfast Marathon? If it's a 10k, then it's very doable, and will give you something to work towards. For now, just work on running/walking on a consistent weekly basis. Good luck and please keep us posted with your progress!
        Thanks for the encouragement..am making steady progress..i.e. I haven't given up yet!! Yes am running for three minutes walking for two for 30 mins..aiming to be running for five minutes by the end of the week..averaging about 3k per walk/run..hoping to up that soon...i wonder if I will ever clock up the distances I see on the logs on this site! v. impressive! thanks again.
          Having a goal race to work toward is probably the biggest motivator to stay running. When I first started running/jogging it took a couple tries to stick. And I did finally stick to it when I was training for a race. I feel the same still holds true nowadays -- When I'm training for a race I'm much more motivated and pretty much stick to my training schedule; when I'm just running to stay in shape, I'm more then willing to skip a day here and there. Just remember -- progress can be slow, but don't let that discourage you. Keep that relay leg in your mind and that is the goal you are working towards. After that, you can take some time and figure out what the next goal will be. Measure your progress through baby steps -- ie last week I ran 6 km....this week 8. Pretty soon you'll be running distances that you could not have comprehended weeks ago. I wish you the best of luck and welcome you to our world!
            back on track? its all starting off very slowly. i did just over 3 k this morning with only 3 minutes walking in a 20 minute walk/run..am just struggling to make time for this new venture, things have been particularly hectic of late but hope fully will get into a rhythm soon. Was pleased with the ratio of walk to run. Intend to increase the time rather than up the pace to get my distance up. Aiming for my first 10k by mid to end of April in preparation for Marathon leg. Thanks for the advice. w.
              Go for it - you can do it and we want to hear you tell about it!! Enjoy! lisa k
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              You'll ruin your knees!

                Hang in there Wenders... Those first 10 yards are the hardest! Getting out the door takes some planning and determination. It is hard, but the rewards are worth it! Please keep us posted! Lynn B

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                  Hi Wenders, Mark D is right on when he mentions having a running/training goal as opposed to just trying to get in shape. Napoleon Hill of Think and Grow Rich fame calls this "definiteness of purpose." Being consistent in your running is a key. Also seek out a local support group of people that you can run with. Many groups have plenty of beginning runners so you will not intimidated. You will also notice as you drop weight your running pace will dramatically pick up. Smile Contunue posting here... as there are many experienced runners who can help and inspire you! Run smart, Franc Karpo www.DistanceRunningTips.com
                    Okay, May's over and we haven't heard from you. How did the race go? I hope you had a good time! Smile

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