When in a Group - ability to create teams or sub-groups (Read 611 times)

    Okay, here's an idea, not sure if it's been mentioned before but I did scour the first few pages of this forum  all to no avail.


    How about the ability to add members of a group to a sub-group or team.   Either the member joining the group checks a team or sub-group they would like to belong to and/or admin puts them into a sub-group/team.   The particular sub-groups/teams would be set up by the group owner, probably in consultation with the group via the forum.


    Such sub-groups/teams could be based on anything such as country, local clubs, colours (red, blue, greeen) etc. however it fits in with the flavour of the group.


    The value of this is that mini leagues could be generated. 


    At the YTD Distance (Pace Bunny) screen, an option to view by 'teams' there by seeing stats summed by team.


    At the Reports section, an option to view reports by team.


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    L Train

      I would like to be on A1's team, please.  Thanks in advance.


        I still think this would be of use.  

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