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    I am going to run an Ironman next year.  I have the swimming and running down; I can do the swim in under 1:10 and do marathon training runs in under 3:00.  I am horrible on the bike and I am sure that I have poor riding posture.  I have started riding recently and can now do 19 mph for an hour (long way from 112 miles).  Most of my rides are 13 miles to and from work.  I am going to take the same approach that I do with running: Long rides, tempo, intervals, hills, daily rides.  I would really like to be fit enough to ride 20+ mph.  What are some of the pitfalls of getting into cycling shape?


    Next month I am going to try to do a 50 mile ride before running a marathon with my wife (3:20s).


    Does anyone have any cycling training advice?

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      #1, how well is your bike fit to you?  Riding long distances is a LOT better on a bike that fits you well.  Perhaps paying for a professional fitting might make the bike training a bit more pleasant.


      Also, how's your core.  I'm as guilty as anyone of neglecting core strengthening, but I know that everyone on the bike is more comfortable and efficient when my abs and back are strong -- especially once you start really building up the mileage on the saddle.

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        Ride a lot, and for long periods of time(6hrs+).


        Doesn't have to be any more complicated that that Smile GL