Lance Armstrong appears finally to have run out of rope. (Read 2700 times)

    They would have to erase about 15 years of cycling history in its entirety, along with the existence of the UCI.


    That would be a good idea. Well, at least a major house cleaning is in order.

    Feeling the growl again

      Someone needs to expose the damn UCI then nuke it. The whole sport needs a full reboot.


      Yes.  Let's not forget the hypocrisy here....the UCI is stripping LA and banning him as a result of the USADA report...which includes a section describing that UCI has some potentially incriminating blood test results on LA which they are refusing to release.

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        ...So far, except for scale, not much is new...

        Exactly. It's a typical BS tactic: Point to a problem "solved" (Armstrong), emphasized its size, and say "There was a big problem, which we solved. What a relief; now we can all move on."


        No, the "big problem" is sport-wide doping, not Lance Armstrong's doping. 

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          I think I am a bad spectator. I still remember racing home to watch the TiVo'd stages and being glued to the TV with all the drama unfolding.


          With all the new info and accusations and guilt and evidence of widespread cheating, I still enjoyed every moment and none of that has been tarnished to me.


          I still think he was probably a top 3 rider regardless and that the entire field was doping, he just had better evasion tactics.


          I don't believe the myth anymore that he was clean, but I don't feel robbed of the drama and the dogfights that he had with contenders over the years.

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              Lewis Black On Lance Armstrong: 'Why Aren't We ALL Doping?'


              I'm glad I never cared about cycling.

                Yeah, that's a wish. It doesn't appear to me that it's been decided.

                  He is the Tour Director. If it's not his decision, whose is it?

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                    Evidently it's the UCI's decision.




                      I think it is weird that the Tour de France now owns the rock n roll race series.


                      Ok, back to Lance.  Lance. A lot.  Link?


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                        This whole saga illustrates why I have never been able to follow top-level pro-sports (in addition to the fact that I don't like just sitting and watching televised matches or races, with the exception of the Olympics--and my interest in that has even waned in the past decade or so).  If it's not doping/PED drama it's seemingly endless stories of physical/domestic abuse or authorities looking the other way when pros engage in the sorts of behaviors that would land the rest of us behind bars.  As my dad is fond of saying "you're all a bunch of assholes."

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                          I think it is weird that the Tour de France now owns the rock n roll race series.


                          Does this mean the UCI will decide the winner of the rock n roll series races? That can't be good...


                          I've never run in a rock n roll event. And it seems to me that is unlikely to change.

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                             Lance. A lot.  Link?


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                            I laughed.

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