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    I've been working wih a "virtual" (remote) coach for a couple years now.  He plans out each month at a time, taking into account what I might want to do as well as my longer-term goals.  I can freelance the schedule a bit if life gets in the way, or I'll email him if it becomes a bigger juggle.  We talk before important races and usually email before lower-key races and such.  I don't expect immediate replies to every little thing I might ask, though, so it doesn't bother me if a minor question goes unanswered -- if it's really important, I'll call him.


    I've set lots of PRs over that time.  A lot of it has been just getting in the miles, but a big part of that is staying healthy.  I turn 50 in the spring, so finding the volume/intensity line without crossing it is a big deal.

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      I vote for a local coach. I am on the other coast of florida, but dawn at runnaturalcoach.com is AMAZING.


      has taken me from a devastating injury last year, to almost a half marathon PR this year.


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        I vote couch!!!


        oh, wait, that's wrong, isn't it?!

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          If you live in Tampa, check out runprogressive.com or the Progressive Training Team facebook page. Dror is a great coach and coaches the cross country team at UT. He will tailor each person's schedule and doesn't use just one plan. There are people of all levels in the group.


          And he has the ability to draw from the experience of head coach Jerry Slavin.

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          Lordy,  I hope there are tapes. 

          He's a leaker!