Plasma Rich Platelet (PRP) therapy (Read 667 times)

    Anyone out there with recent experience with PRP?  A search of RA gives a handful of postings.  I'm hoping for more, perhaps?  I've struggled with chronic achilles tendon issues for 2-3 years.  Now diagnosed with achilles tendopathy.   Tried many things- physical therapy twice with associated excercises, rest, ice, stretching to encourage healing, more rest, taping, different shoes, sucking it up and training through the pain, drinking (ok just kidding).  Original goal was a fall marathon, but that plan went out the window in July and I have backed off a lot this summer, doing yoga and swimming to just keep some semblance of fitness and to increase flexibility (yoga has been great btw).  Doing a little running- nothing intense, low miles.


    Now I hear about PRP.  Had a sit-down with the doc to get the scoop on what it is and how it works.  Apparently, I have a large amount of scar tissue in the tendon, resulting from numerous micro-tears over the years, and that is my problem.  The PRP injection "might" help.  I have tried so many things that I might go for this.  Any experiences with this that people feel like sharing?


    Coincidentally, I have connected up with a fantastic sports massuese and he has hammered the Achilles.  I mean hammered, as in I want to either cry or hit him.  But....it seems that his focus on this area has been good, and the area feels noticeably better after his working on it.  So, I might work with him more, and hold off on PRP for now.  His focus is on breaking down that scar tissue.


    But, I would very much like to hear what anyone out there thinks.  ??

      I am familiar with it through my research and am considering myself for my upper hamstring tendonapathy. I think this may help you but you may  have to pay out of pocket. There appears to be no harm. Also, see if your doc will do a tenotomy with it.  Basically picking/poking multiple spots on tendon to encourage bleeding. The other technique I am currently researching the FAST PROCEDURE. Where through a minimal invasive procedure they go in a take out the scar tissue with a needle. Break it up with a laser and suck it out.  One my docs I work with has a wet lab next week. She also thinks insurance may cover this as it is a procedure. Continue to do your research.

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        I had Achilles tendon problems for a long time. Not enough to stop me running but constant soreness. A friend who was a runner and a doctor suggested I cut away the part of my shoes that rubs against the tendon. It was hard to do this on new shoes but I did. I did this for all my shoes for years. One day it occurred to me that my  tendons were no longer bothering me. Who knows if it just went away by itself or the shoe adjustment did it.


        I don't do this any more with my shoes since the problem seems to have gone away. However I always buy shoes that have minimal material touching the tendons.

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          There is not yet sound medical evidence to demonstrate that this procedure works as advertised.  Could it help?  Maybe.  No one knows for sure.  Neither do they know that there are not side effects.  Whenever someone tells you that something has zero side effects, a little yellow caution flag should start waving in your head.


          It's a nice theory, it really is, but only a theory.  The fact that rich pro athletes whose careers depend upon finding some fix for their injury when all conventional means are exhausted, and who have the money to pay out of pocket, will try all sorts of things.  They are not good evidence.


          Here is a decent article.

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            I Agree, there is not enough evidence to warrant going through the pain (both physically and financially).  I have been dealing with achilles tendonitis and retro calceanal bursitis with a pump bump for about seven years now. I have tried ESWT ( electric shock wave therapy ) twice. The first time it helped and I was perfect for about 2 yrs, the second time didn't do the trick, don't know why, maybe I started running too soon after.

            I am quite sure it came back because after the 2 years of great runnning I was still wearing my orthotics which should only have been during the acute phase, not long range.  Thus my achlles tendon shortened and couldn't handle all the trail/ hill runnning I had sarted doing a few months before it started acting up again. 

            I have also found relieve from graston and dry needling to loosen the calf and break up scar tissue.  I am currently not running much, lots of cycling and doing my own form of graston at home.

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