Street lighting? (Read 573 times)


    Hi, It would be really useful, when you're planning a route, to be able to see if the roads are lit by street lighting. Is there any way of showing this on the map? I accept that the data may not be available on Google Maps or anywhere else but I thought I'd ask just in case it is... If you don't ask, you don't get! The nights are really drawing in here in the UK and its increasingly difficult to find daylight hours to run in! If it can't be shown on the map, maybe it could be a tickable box on the "Edit Course" page? That way you could search only for courses that are lit. Great site, by the way Smile Mark
      Mark, Currently there is no way to do what you want because I don't think there's such data out there. I can, however, add that check box to the course data instead. eric Smile c63
        I've been storing this data in the course notes. I have to admit it would be nice if we could have fields for: lighting: well lit, no lighting terrain: flat as a holland, ups and downs, etc Eric, I suspect this would be a hit on the servers, but would it be possible to search the course notes for now? I think the keyword field in "Find Routes" only searches the title of the course. Would understand if it causes performance issues.
        booyaa.org - what's he running from?
          I would also love to see something about side-walks. I am sure this data also doesnt exist, but it would be so nice not to end up on some busy road with a tiny, tiny shoulder and no sidewalk. (Of course, cities could also build streets with lights and sidewalks to encourage walking, but that request goes on a different suggestion board Wink) I have also notated some of my runs with "dont run here alone at night." Maybe a safe-at-night (or unsafe at night!) box would be helpful. Yes, you would always have to use your own personal judgement, but it could help.