Favorite/Best Marathon Suggestions?! :-) (Read 928 times)

I fly.

    I've run NY a few times, Disney, Chicago unofficially, CMM and the Monkey. The Monkey was my favorite. Small, friendly, unbelievably difficult. I say do the HHFMM here in Nashville.

    Bring it on.


      I am running my 35th marathon next weekend in Little Rock. My farvorite are probably the Rock n Roll marathons in San Diego and Phoenix. The marathon with the best crowd is by far NYC. It was a great experience. I have run Chicago two times but it can be cold however the course is pretty flat. If you want a fast finishing time with nice weather then you should do the Tucson marathon in December. The Oklahoma City marathon is pretty moving because it starts/finishes at the OKC Memorial. The San Francisco marathon in July is nice because you get to run across the Golden Gate Bridge twice. The marathon where I had my PR and qualified for Boston was the Kentucky Derby last April. This year I am doing Grandmas, AirForce, Marine Corp, Las Vegas and Boston. They are all supposed to be good marathons to do.
        The marathon with the best crowd is by far NYC.
        I've only run 3, and not NYC, but the Boston crowd is pretty incredible too. Lots of people and very friendly and encouraging.

        Me and my gang in Breck

          I think that you should set your sights on Boston. It could take you years to qualify. (I know it's gonna take me years). You have to have a goal in life, why not make it a real tough one. You could run 10 more marathorns and still not reach this goal. Think of all the FUN you could have over the next several years trying to qualify. Good Luck Mark

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            Try a trail marathon!

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