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    I have only been in 2 lighter weight shoes - The Asics Magic Racers and the Asics Tarher - The Magic Racers always felt a little akward - The Tarthers feel really natural - But to the points made earlier - I need to get certain parts of me stronger to run a whole marathon as I still fatigue quicker than my Asic 1060s.

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      I own a pair of the Nike Lunaracer 2, and they're already starting to wear out after using them as my primary shoe when my Brooks trainers wore out. Being flats, they don't really have any arch support and I notice that I have a tendency to underpronate with them on my right foot. It seems to have increased the more I ran in the shoes. 


      Right now I'm slowly increasing mileage, with a few rest days now and then as needed, but eventually I'll be holding steady at around 55 mpw or so. I've seen the Onitsuka Tiger in shoe stores here in Australia, would this shoe be durable enough for frequent, long and easy runs? I'll be running on both concrete and blacktop. 

        So light racing shoes really make you faster?


        I agree with the other comments that when shoes get too light (i.e. nearly barefoot) you will lose that little bit (not too much) of support/cushioning necessary to go at top speed in a race. I find that while the T7s are light and low to the road, they do actually have some cushioning, and also a 10+mm heel drop, which saves the calf muscles a bit and tends to lean you forward slightly. I found this so be enough cushioning for a 3:25 marathon with no discomfort or injury, although I maintained my form pretty well until the end.


        That said, I am about to try the New balance minimus MR00, which are zero drop and have a bit less cushion. I expect I will use them for training rather than racing, but I would like to try them in some smaller races in the future once I have adjusted to the lack of heel. And maybe they could even turn out to be a fast shoe, but until then I'm sticking with T7 for races.


        I also have brooks green silence (which is advertised as a race flat), but the fit was too loose for racing (and even training in the end) so now they are reserved for dog walking duties!


          Any advice on running flats? I want some fast shoes for the Great North Run to hopefully shave a few seconds off, and for speed sessions. I currently do all my runs in Nike Vomero and speed in Nike Air Zoom Marathoner but they have seen better days.  Any advice for a good race shoe please?

          I assume that you are doing the 13.1 ? A racing flat (or similar) is certainly less weight to pound up and down, but also less support.


          What to wear would depend on how accustomed you are to different heel/toe offsets for the race. I am not familiar with the structure of the Nike shoes, but I would stick with a model in this upcoming race that is similar in drop. Anything too much lower than what you have been wearing would be risky this close- IMO.


          If you are looking to adjust into a lower shoe that is very light, I have really liked the Brooks Pure Connect.  They are great on the road and track, super flexible and wrap my feet well. Personally, I would be on the fence about wearing them for a half marathon, but for up to an hour for a run, they are awesome.


          Maybe I would wear the Pure Connect for a half, if I had been training in them once or twice a week for duration of the cycle. Anything less supportive and without time to adjust is probably asking for some serious calf strain (for me). * not that this is your target distance, but* Pftizinger recommends that runners be able to run sub 3 to warrant wearing flats in a 26.2.


          Best wishes in your race!