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    Wow and I thought 10 was only a big deal to me... I remember my first 10 mile run. I thought I was going to die at about 8 miles... and barely made it to 10. I was crampy the whole rest of the day. My legs and hips hurt... but I had a smile on my face all day! Great job! And Wow nice running log!

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      Wow and I thought 10 was only a big deal to me... I remember my first 10 mile run. I thought I was going to die at about 8 miles... and barely made it to 10. I was crampy the whole rest of the day. My legs and hips hurt... but I had a smile on my face all day! Great job! And Wow nice running log!
      Thanks! Can you tell I'm an engineer? Have to make my graphs look nice! It's good to hear you had a hard time on your first 10-mile run, also. I told DH tonight, "I still can't believe I did it - maybe I was just dreaming!" Smile
        Congrats on going double digits, nicely done. 116 miles in April without a ten miler is pretty impressive, your log is the picture of consistency.
        The last mile was REALLY hard, and I felt like I was running through mud. Seeing the hundredths of a mile click by on the Garmin saved me, plus thinking about logging my run and bragging on RA!
        I know how this one feels, when I'm digging in to finish a long run I count on the Garmin to provide digital proof that every step IS bringing me closer to the finish. Keep up the great work!

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        May the road rise to meet you, may the wind be always at your back, may the sun shine warm upon your SPF30, may the rains fall soft upon your sweat-wicking hat, and until you hit the finish line may The Flying Spaghetti Monster hold you in the hollow of His Noodly Appendage.

          Teresa, we are at the same point in our HM training but mine is in ONE MONTH. I'm a little older than you, lol. Our 10mile on Thursday was great for the first 7 1/2 miles. We seriously are struggling with hydration and fuel. In mile 9 my belly was growling, I don't think it should be doing that. Last week's 10 mile left me feeling shaky and weak when finished. My running partner "hit the wall" on this week's 10 mile feeling dizzy. I guess at this point I'm hoping just to finish the HM. Probably should've started training before January. Don't have a whole lot of time to experiment with gels/sports drinks, etc before it's time for the race. We did our 10 miles in 1:57:00 so real similar to you. The last 10 mile was on Thursday. Took yesterday off (worked 12 hr shift if you want to call that off) but this am went out for an easy 5 (didn't even wear a watch). We can do this Teresa!!!!!!!!!
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            Thanks, Ed and Marsha. Wow, Marsha, we really are similar! You're not that much older than me, lol. My running partner is 57. She's only at 8 miles now, but I know she can do it. You're right, we WILL do this. Under 2:30, too! I noticed that we're even similar in that our children are our inspiration for running! Cool.

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              Great job Teresa! You have made steady progress! I am now only afraid of a 20 miler!!
                Congrats Teresa! You're logging some amazing miles! Smile
                  Congratulations! You are really putting in consistent mileage and it's paying off. You're even getting faster, too. Good example for your kids and us at RA.

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                    Way to go!!! I also remember that first 10-miler, couldn't do much of anything the rest of the day. Sure, you'll still have some tough days here and there, but you've learned a lot and your long runs will get mentally more manageable from here. Arla

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                      Thanks, guys. Tomorrow I'm going for an 8 1/2-mile run, because that's what my running partner needs to do. It will be interesting to see how it compares to last week's run. I'll have to rein in my friend, because she tends to take off on me! I keep telling her that everyone on RA says GO SLOW, but she just nods and then goes fast, lol.
                        Well, I just ran my fist 10 miler today also. Instead of starting a new thread, I figured I'd add on here. I'm down in Alabama for work. It was 92 degrees and humid when I started! I averaged a 9:46. When I get back to South Dakota, 85 or 90 with no humidity will be a breeze Smile Teresa, I was looking at your log after reading that you finished your first 10 miler. I think you are my new inspiration. You hit that 10 miles and haven't looked back. I hope I can match your effort. Mike

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                          Congratulations, Mike! That's awesome. You're fast, especially in the heat! Keep up the great work. Thanks for the compliment - I've been sidelined this week with achilles tendonitis, so my log is empty. Cry But I will be patient, because I want to keep running for a long time.
                            Congratulations Mike. I've wimped out the pasat couple of days due to the heat (it was such a drastic change) but the heat and especially the humidity has broken and I'm done with the grand children thing that kept me from running last week, so tonight I'll get back into my routine. Teresa, How's the injury coming? You doing anything else to keep in shape while you're healing? CT State open was yesterday. Would you like to me to check the paper and see how the competetion did in your son's event? Of course the numbers might be off a bit due to the extreme heat and humidity yesterday. If you want, drop me an email which you can find in my profile.


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                              Thanks, Larry. My ankle's still pretty swollen. The timing for the injury worked out as good as it could, because DH and I are totally swamped with work this week. I haven't even made it out of the house much! So I will be a little out of shape, but I should get back into the swing of things by Friday. Since I NEVER exercised in my pre-running days, I'm still happy! Smile They've posted the results from all the New England state meets on the Maine high school board, so I will check them out. It's too bad it was so horrible yesterday in CT - the sea breeze in Portland kept the temp to 72, but inland aways it was 98. Maine squeaked by with cooler weather last Saturday. If the meet had been one day later, it would have been bad. DS found out that one of the Maine kids is NOT running the 3200, so he gets to run in that race at New Englands, also! It's kind of nice, because there is NO pressure on him since he's the last seed from Maine. I guess I'll spend the entire day at the meet, since there's no school bus going. I'd better take some good reading material! Good luck getting back into your routine. Maybe we will get some cooler weather now.

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                                Larry, the Maine HS board shows: Connecticut (Postponed to Wednesday) So I guess they didn't have to run yesterday, after all. Will it be hard for them to race Wednesday and then again on Saturday?