1:32 1/2 marathon (Read 547 times)

    I ran in the Frederick 1/2 marathon today and ran a 1:32:30. I'm very excited since this is a PR for me. In fact I beat my last 1/2 by 3 minutes!! I feel 1:30 in my future!!

      Woohoo! How do you feel?


      Celebrate with some dehydrated cane juice!


        Nice!  Someday I'd love to be able I'll  be proud to say I ran a 1:32!


        Do you know the feeling I know? When your legs have disappeared, and there is only your heart, your lungs, and your eyes skimming disembodied through the air? - Jeff

          @srlopez - feel pretty good. Legs are a bit sore, but I put in a recovery 5miler today, so all is good!

            WTG and congrats!  Nice consistent splits with your last mile as the fastest!  I agree -- sub-130 is in your future!

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