3 races - 1 day (Read 62 times)


    Found a trail race where you have the option of running one or three events - Half Marthon, 10K and 5K. Depending on how fast you run I guestimate you have anywhere from 15 to 40 minutes between each race. I am considering doing all 3 for a fun new challenge. I ran my first full marathon this fall. I reduced mileage a bit since then - averaging 26 a week for the past 2 months while training for an upcoming 5K. Longest runs have been in 8-12 mile range.


    5K is in 2 weeks - after that I'd have about 5 weeks to train for the "triple trail races".


    Trying to decide if I have enough mileage bas ein the tank to do this or if it is a mistake. If I do it should I just go back to higher mileage basebuilding for a month ? Thoughts ?


      I think you should embrace life, and give it a shot!  Smile


      Running is stupid