Sore on back of ankle (Read 58 times)

    Went running in ankle socks, wasn't careful to pull the left sock up all the way, the back of the shoe rubbed it raw (to bleeding), and two weeks later I still have an open sore about an eight of an inch across. For the first week, I got some bleeding during every run. In the last week, it's no longer bleeding much —I'll see a little spot on a sock or a bandaid—but it still hurts like the dickens for the first mile or so. It also makes normal walking rather uncomfortable.


    I haven't managed to find a bandage that does the trick; I could probably tape around the whole ankle, but I'm not sure that would actually prevent the chafing without a lot of tape.


    I could obviously just give it time to heal up, but I'm just over a month out from a half-marathon, which makes this a decidedly non-optimal time to be doing that.



      Moleskin would probably work well.

        Possibly liquid bandage.  As long as nothing is rubbing it further while it heals.


        Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.

          Thanks for the info. I'll probably get one or the other—though, bizarrely, I went out for a 16-mile run yesterday and had no bleeding and no pain. ::shrug::