Soreness / Exhaustion between top of foot and leg (Read 88 times)


    Hey all.

    When I run, after about 10-15 minutes a certain area of my foot becomes increasingly tired. It's almost as if the region is being saturated with lactic acid, and I just can't get it to bend/work anymore. This region is sort of the opposite of my heel. It's the curve between where your foot connects with your lower leg, but on the top part. (Seems to be the muscles around the Inferior Extensor Retinaculum, for those anatomically inclined.)

    It will start small, and I will stop to stretch it out by pulling the toe end of my foot down. But it doesn't go away. It just gets so tired there.


    Background information:

    No serious running instruction ever. Running in "hurricane 14"s which is a sauc-fit shoe to help with overpronation. I usually run on a track or asphalt. Mild PF of right foot, but it's not the main issue anymore. Is any other information needed?


    Please help! Running for 15 minutes shouldn't make my feet so sore and tired. Are there stretches or exercises I should do? Or some change to my running?

    A Saucy Wench

      Try changing the lacing pattern on your shoes.

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        I have suffered with this problem for years.  I used to stretch good too before and after a warming up.  I would also have tension extend from the top of my foot/ankle up the front muscle of my calf.  Eventually, once I was really warmed up, it would go away but it can be so painful in the beginning of a run.  Definately, make sure you're not tying your shoe laces too tight (that was an issue with me) but I also discovered that rolling my calf muscles before each run has basically cured the problem.  I just got a foam roller for Christmas and it has done wonders for this problem.  I still stretch too.

        And in the end...

          Try parallel lacing to keep pressure off the top of your foot




          Fuck it. I'm gonna PR this fall. Let's do this.

            Lots of lacing options HERE.  Including Lydiard lacing, as explained HERE and HERE.

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              Great, thanks all!

              It didn't even occur to me that the problem might be in the laces. I tried one shoe normal (lots of X's) lacing, and one with parallel lacing, and there was a noticeable difference between the speed of onset of soreness. I will experiment more with this.

              If it persists I'll maybe try rolling out my calves.

              Thanks again. Will update if nothing's working.

              A Saucy Wench

                Not in all my shoes, because the way the shoe is cut seems to make a difference, but in one type I have the left shoe laced so that it goes to the farthest back hole at the ankle and then back down to cinch in on the heel and be fairly snug and on the other foot I have the shoe tied 2 lower than normal and no laces at all in any of the upper 3 holes.   But in general front ankle fatigue I have gotten when the laces are too tight across the ankle

                I have become Death, the destroyer of electronic gadgets


                "When I got too tired to run anymore I just pretended I wasnt tired and kept running anyway" - dd, age 7

                  Great suggestions on the lacing. My wife has been complaining about this same type of issue, so I am going to share this with her.  I even tried the Lidyard lacing just now, myself, and WOW! Is it comfortable!

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