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    I finished the Indy Mini-Marathon last month after a year of training. It was my first race and I finished under 2 hours.  I am anxious to improve on that, but have encountered some lower leg pain. Towards the last 1-2 months of training for the race I started to have pain in my lower right leg.  I assume this could be because of worn shoes, bad form, not enough stretching, etc.... I tried to run through it and ignore the pain which worked for the last 2 months of training. I took the week off before the race, iced my leg all week, took a few ibuprofen the morning of the race, and I finished the race without any pain. Now that I'm back to training again for next years race the pain is back and isn't going away. I'm pain free for the first 3 miles or so and then the pain starts. The pain area is on the outside of my right shin a few inches above my ankle. Sometimes I can notice the pain at all hours of the day after a run. I'm hoping that it is shin splints and not a stress fracture. I bought some CEF compression sleeves and hope that will help. Has anyone else experienced anything similar to this? Any insight is much appreciated.



      Hey Matt, sorry you're going through that.  Is the pain along the shin bone (i.e., tibia) itself, or more along the muscles/softer tissues on the outside of the lower leg?


      What's your shoe sole wear look like?


      Any other injuries or chronic "hotspots"?

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        It sounds like it's time to have it checked out by a professional!  You wouldn't want to continue running on a stress fracture.


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          The pain feels localized, but it doesn't hurt when I tap along my shin bone. Shoe sole isn't worn very much, although its just a $50 adidas running shoe. No other injuries or hotspots. I'm thinking of doing a gait analysis at my local running store. Hopefully having them match a shoe to my running stride will help as well.

            Try the "hop test".


            Hop up and down on one leg 10 times. If it hurts really bad, it is probably a stress fracture (or at least close enough that you should definitely go to a professional).


            I had a stress fracture this spring that I am just returning from. I tried to run through it, but it got to a point that I couldn't even run the first mile of a 4 mile run. Went to a physiotherapist and after the hop test they sent me for an MRI. Deep down I knew it was a stress fracture, but didn't want to believe it. I needed a very expensive MRI to convince me.


            Good luck!



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              I found the solution!


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