Android App For RunningAhead? (Read 67 times)


    I apologise if this has been asked before, but is there an Android App that works with RunningAhead?


    I cannot find the suggested Handy Runner app in the Play store.


    Thank you.

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      There are not current Android or iOS apps fro RunningAHEAD.  There are a few extinct apps, so some references to them may still be hanging around...

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        Forgive my ignorance but why is an App better than just using aweb browser to access RA?  Seems to work fine on my Android phone but maybe I'm missing something important?


          I assume the idea would be that you use for phone for timing and GPS info while running, and it automatically uploads the workout information when you are finished?


          Also, some features of the website don't work as well on Android - drop down menus are difficult, and Route Mapper is hard to use, the the poster may have been thinking of those.


            Thank you all.


            Yes Richard, those were exactly my needs.


              Route mapper.  Ooof.  Yeah that would be tough to use, app or no app, just because of screen real estate and fat fingers.


              I use RunGo to map out new routes that are too complex for me to remember (use desktop for that part), then download the map on my phone using their app.  You can then run that route and have turn-by-turn voice guidance.  It only integrates with Strava so I always wear my normal GPS watch and let that run at the same time.  Then sync to GC to get the data here.  Could also download the GPX and then upload it here if you don't have or wear a GPS watch.