Frame Sizes (Read 585 times)

    Have the separate frames (panels?) within RA changed in size?  In the recent past, the page seems to have shrunk in font size and there seem to be two extra frames on the left and right of the screen that are causing it.  Font has to shrink to accommodate the real estate?  


    See area with red squigglies...



    ETA -- I have tried in both IE and Chrome...

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      Hi Rob,

      Nothing has changed on the PM page.  The text editor has a fixed width so if you have a wide screen, and you maximize your browser, you'll get the blank areas.

      Oh roo roooo!

        I was editing my training plan just a few minutes ago and this same thing seems to have happened to me.  I don't know if I hit some magic combination of keys or what, but suddenly the display shrunk similar to what hermosaboy shows.  I checked settings and tools here in RA and don't see a place to change this.  No other window that is open in my computer has changed, only RA.  I checked in "Control Panel" in my computer and made sure my display size was set appropriately, then shut down and restarted in case that would make a difference, but no change.  Right now, the font is so small I can scarcely read it.


        I'm using Google Chrome, if that matters, but we've had that for months and months w/no problems like this.  Any ideas?  Thanks!




        ETA:  Eric just contacted me to let me know that either ctrl-0 or ctrl-1 might fix the problem.  It turned out that ctrl-0 did the trick and restored things to their normal size.  Wanted to post this in case anyone else had this problem and didn't know how to fix it.


        Thanks again, Eric!