Good places to buy running shoes at in Buffalo NY (Read 28 times)


    I live in Toronto Canada, and was wondering if there were any real good stores to buy running shoes at in Buffalo. My experience in the past is that running shoes are quite a bit cheaper in the states then here in Canada. Thanks






      http://www.runningwarehouse.com  That's better than any places I've been to in my city.


        Runner's Roost in Orchard Park.  Been going to them for years.

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          When I went to Buffalo last September, I bought a pair at a Fleet Feet and the customer service was fantastic.

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            Ditto on Runner's Roost... know what you want, though. My experience (and a few others) with a couple of different salespeople there has been that they know their product *very* well and can give you a ton of options, but there's not much interest in your gait or current wear patterns. If pressed, they'll probably let you take a test pair out for a spin in the parking lot. They let my wife do that, at least.


              Thank you. Will have to check them out.