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    I was looking into Bikram yoga, and while it does sound challenging and intriguing, it doesn't seem like a good summer yoga. At least not here. I would leave the 100 degree Bikram room and step outside into 117 degree summer heat. I was thinking I'll hop into it this winter though. I just took my first yoga flow (power yoga) class and it was awesome. I will definitely be doing this more often. I want to do it 2-3 times a week and run 4 days a week with one total rest day. It felt so good.

    5k - 23:30

    10k - 49:00

    Half - 1:48:34

    Full - 4:01:28


    Working toward hip nirvana.


      I like to combine Iyengar yoga (more alignment focused and very much into using props to help you get the feel of a pose when you're inflexible in certain areas) with a flow or more intense style of yoga. I think that a slow, focused yoga style like Iyengar with a good teacher brings awareness to your postures that carries over into the faster-paced flow styles like ashtanga or even Bikram. I think Bikram is interesting and my chiro recommends it, but I think you have to be very self-protective of yourself and not totally buy into forcing yourself to do every posture that is part of the Bikram sequence. I think that it is very possible to injure yourself doing Bikram yoga (hot room or no). I also do not like the way Bikram yoga is franchised; it just rubs me the wrong way.

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        My P90X program has a pretty good yoga program that I try to incorporate into my regimen when I can. I do enjoy it. It helps with my flexability.
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