Nike Vomero (7) (Read 54 times)

    Was in a Nike Factory Outlet Store and came across a pair of Vomero 7 for $52. I understand hat this is supposed to be the closest Nike have to the Glycerin (my favorite) or the Nimbus. Anyone have amy experience with the Vomero? How does it compare with the other two I mentioned? Can it withstand serious long runs (15m +)

    Worst case scenario, they will just be transfomed into weekend casuals.....

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      Vomero is good if you like lots of cushioning. I have the Vomero 5 and the Nimbus 12. I like the Vomero better than the Nimbus, the sole doesn't seem as stiff, and slightly better ground feel. I don't run much in the Nimbus, I do all my long runs in the Vomero (13 miles and above). Normally I run in GoRun2, which is very minimal compared to these. I may go back to pegasus in the future because the vomero is a bit too cushy for me.


        Hey two foot shuffle,


        FWIW these are my favorite shoes.  I have used nimbus, glycerin, and triumph, but by far and anyway I come back to the vomero.  I've owned at least 1 pair since they first came out.  I usually get the old model when the updated ones come out as it makes it cheaper.  I have done runs up wards of 22 miles in them and felt fine.  Right now I alternate between them and a pair of kinvaras. At that price it would be foolish to let ms go.  Good luck.

          I liked the Vomero 6's.  Only a few dozen miles in them, but would compare to the Nimbus.  Of the two I probably prefer the Vomeros.  I think they look better too.  for that price I'd be wearing them as my daily kicks.