Numb Toes (Read 133 times)


    Hello runners!


    I am in need of advice.


    My wife has started running, but after the first mile she complains about her toes going numb.


    We went to the running store and got her fitted with shoes. It helped in the beginning, but it came back after a few days.


    Any idea of what this is?


    Thanks for your help!

      Don't know for sure in your case but for me it depends on the shoes. I get numb toes every time I try to run in Hokas. Every single time even with different models. I have run in Saucony Rides quite a bit with the occasional toe numbness and burning. A few months ago I discovered Brooks Pureflow and it has been a dream. No toe numbness ever and  been several months now. Probably just a combination of wrong shoe for my foot. She may have to try a something different. First, though, loosen the laces so the top of the foot is not being compressed. Might be an easy fix if that is the case.


        Thanks Joann I'll have her try that.


        Today we ran and I think her feet may be hitting the ground too hard causing the numbness. I say this because the sound of her feet hitting the ground sounds louder to me than my own.


        How can I teach her not to put so much pressure on the landing of her feet?


        Thanks for the help guys!


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          Seconded for starting with laces/lacing.  There's a lot of info out there on how to change up the lacing on shoes to help prevent things like numb toes.  Much of it even has diagrams to demonstrate different methods.



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            I've had that happen to me in the past. Now I wear larger shoes than I used to wear and I usually loosen my laces when I get a new pair of shoes.


              How can I teach her not to put so much pressure on the landing of her feet?



              When I was first running, my feet made loud slapping sounds. I was advised to "run quietly, like a ninja". I didn't really "do" anything, except be mindful of running quieter. After a few weeks (or months? it was a while ago) I got quiet enough that it would scare people when I would run up behind them on the sidewalk.

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                If i don't lace my shoes a specific way this happens to me.  I'd have her try a couple different ways to see what works...

                  I was told by a podiatrist that I had a neuroma, which is basically a thick nerve that gets squished with running and the toe goes numb. Lately I have gotten wider shoes - New Balance appear to be my best bet.  I tried the different lace tying to little benefit.

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                    The owner/ guru at local running store was coming up on me at one of our pub runs and said we needed to work on my gait. I've been coming down lead foot heel first with a lot of braking force. He showed me on video from side angle and how it was slightly hyperextending my knee. No problem now, but probably down the road. Anyhoo......   That has led me to trying to start landing midfoot or front foot first and now I've started experiencing some toe numbness also. I feel this is probably just a temporary thing while I'm adjusting to new gait, but has anyone ever experienced the numbness from what I'm describing?


                      Something similar used to happened to me when I was playing basketball in college. My toes would go number and get really cold and then start to have really sharp pain in them. I went to a doctor and he told me that I had Raynaud Syndrome. I doubt she has that at all, and I don't think I did either, I think it was my shoes an the way they were tied. Just a thought though, if she is still having the issue.

                        It could be the shoes or the insoles.  I recently bought a new pair of running shoes, and tried using the insoles that came with the shoes instead of transferring my Superfeet insoles.  The stock insoles were soft and squishy.  I did two short runs, and had numb toes each time.  Put the Superfeet in, no more numb toes.  I have never had numb toes before or since.

                          ive been running in the brooks adrenelines for several years & experience minor numbness pretty much each time I get a new pair.  until they start getting broke in & stretched out a bit I  skip an eyelit in tdhe middle.  around 50 miles usage will go back & relace the eyelit.   after all these years & mileage beginning to wonder if I need to go down a 1/2 size & get the wide version ??