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    Hello, Just found this site last night. Thanks for building runningahead.com Eric! Here is some background on me: from about age 16-25 I ran and cycled quite a bit. I competed in community 5k/10k running races and a variety of run-bike and run-bike-run biathlon events. I really enjoyed cycling long distances and accomplished a number of centuries and a double century. Age 26-36 I trailed off on my exercise regimen. Age 36-40 I began building out my home gym roughly 5 years ago (elliptical trainer, stationary bike) and slowly got back into an exercise routine. I began cycling again in 2004. It was nice to put in some miles on the road again however I still missed running - a lot. I bought a treadmill in April of this year and slowly began to put time in; 15 or 20 minutes is all I would do for the first few weeks. I started my outdoor running slowly at first with 3 mile loops around the neighborhood eventually building up to 6 mile loops. I have been gradually increasing my mileage over the weeks as well as increasing my hills. I know my self/body well enough to realize too-much too-soon can be detrimental so I am trying hard to be incremental about each phase of my exercise routine. I started a log on this site to get less sloppy about my training. The handwritten notes in a variety of places was working, to a certain extent, but overuse injuries scare me. I gave myself a goal to run in the Seattle Half Marathon November 26. I want to keep it simple and run it - not race it. Currently I run in the 9:30 per mile range. Thanks, Jeffrey.

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      Hi, Jeffrey. Sounds like you are taking a great approach to getting "back in the saddle." Nice to have you here. Smile k

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