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    So I've been suffering with some IT band issues with my right knee on and off for awhile now but mostly was able to manage it.  But, as I was running yesterday, my left knee decided to go all out with its IT band (and never had an issue with it before) and I had to stop running after about 2.5 miles due to the pain.  Now with both knees giving me issues, I'm heading to a PT later this week to get some ideas on managing this so hopefully I can run a scheduled 5k in the beginning of October.  As I wait to see the PT, I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on managing this particular injury.




      Hello. I have had IT band syndrome a few times. In my experience, what makes it go away is lateral leg raises a couple times per week. For me it seems to be from the abductors being too weak. Hope this helps. Try it without any weight or resistance bands first.

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        There are a good number of in-depth discussions around IT band pain around here, so it may be worth your time to search through the 'Health and Nutrition' forum for some of them to get a broad span of answers.


        As someone who has battled with ITB pain in the past...I've found there is no one solution -- everyone seems to work to find what works for them. Icing, stretching, foam rolling and rest are the most common approaches.


        When I've had IT band issues, I started making sure to never run past the point of any pain. At any knee pain, I stopped and walked it in. I focused my stretching on the quads on the bad side. I stayed with the foam roller. I gave up some personal safety and was careful about managing my running line to avoid heavy road camber. I added an icing routine.


        Slowly things came around and I was able to start adding back mileage...

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              For the first time after 42 years of running, I got it on the left knee while training for half marathon.  Just ran a 10K training run for the first time in 5 weeks, with a pair of new shoes & ran without pain.  I could feel it coming on but made it through with no pain.  During my race I had to stop & stretch it every few hundred yards but finished the race with my slowest time.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Sounds like your on the right path to recovery.  Have you tried taping or sleeves on your knees?  For me, that's my next step if the pain returns though I hate the thought of wearing it.  Good luck on your recovery!


                Hi All,


                I wanted to come back and report on my IT band progress.  Today is the day I finally got to running back around my normal length (around 4.5 miles at 8:30 pacing) after about six weeks of physical therapy.  It turned out after the PT evaluated me that I had some major strength imbalances both with muscles needed for stability as well as my left side was much weaker than my right.  The PT has had me doing lots of strength training and stretching these past six weeks and I've added some of my own using some kettlebells and a bosu ball.


                It took lots of sweat and tears and some frustration that I thought I was done running after a few test runs ended less than a mile when the pain stopped me.  But, I kept at it and something started working right last week when I got back to around 2 miles.  I began to find that stability plays a massive role in preventing IT band pain as any unstable step while running causes a jolt of pain.


                As long as I consciously make sure I'm running as stable as possible, I can keep going with minimal pain.  While this means running on a treadmill for the time being to ensure maximum stability, I'm well on my way to fixing the problem.


                I hope this helps anyone suffering with this!