First marathon!!!!!!!!!!!! (Read 1133 times)

    congratulations! first marathons are very cool indeed. well done you!

      Great news! Congratulations!! Smile



        Good job!! Big grin
        Ironman Louisville 8-30-09


          nice job on your first one. Good idea on building a good base. When things go wrong during the marathon specific training, having a solid base will still allow you to perform in your next marathon. MTA - for your next one we expect a full race report in the races section Wink
            I'll post one for this right now. It took me a few days to write it so it's in two parts on my myspace page.
            Finished my first marathon 1-13-2008 in 6:03:37 at P.F. Chang's in Phoenix. PR in San Antonio RnR 5:45:58!!!!!! on 11-16-08 The only thing that has ever made any difference in my running is running. Goal: Break 2:30 in the HM this year Jay Benson Tri (place in Athena category) 5-10-09

              I am not worthy
              Short term goal: 5K Long term goal: half marathon. Stay injury free. Shawn

              Running on the ocean

                Congratulations!!!! Enjoy our runner's high. When will you takle the next one? Hopefully soon Wink

                You know when you're running a ultra marathon because the pain actually starts to hurt
                -- Jakob Herrmann
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